My Weightloss Journey Part II - 6 things to remember

January 22, 2020
4 mins read

Trying a lot of diet plans, lifting heavy weights, having food outside once in a week and feeling guilty. It seems like an endless journey for weight loss, I don’t know where I am getting wrong. All this was my routine and thoughts when I was passing days with my weight loss program.

Vijeta Tomar

Chief Yoga Instructor, Pinaki Yoga

Trying a lot of diet plans, lifting heavy weights, having food outside once in a week and feeling guilty. It seems like an endless journey for weight loss, I don’t know where I am getting wrong. All this was my routine and thoughts when I was passing days with my weight loss program. As you are aware of the efforts about my weight loss journey. Let’s have a look at loopholes and solutions step by step.

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1. No Proper Workout Plan and Goal: My only target till 2 years was just weight loss. There was no target set for How Much weight loss? And In how many days? We all are very well aware of this mistake. Sometimes we are aware of how much but not about till when. Setting goals and targets make our journey easy. After came to know about my mistake, I break my big goal of 10 Kg loss into small sub-targets. I used to set targets for 2 Kg in 3 weeks. Out of which 2 weeks for weight loss and 1 week to maintain that lost weight. Set small targets and work for that target consistently for that particular period. Analyze every change in your body during this step, day by day. For some people, it might give weight loss, for others maybe just inch losses, whatever, but you will be able to understand your body type completely.

2. Don’t Know About Body Type: I had tried so many diet plans and workout plans without analyzing my body. As soon as I came to know about this loophole, I started analyzing every reaction of my body. I have started noticing about my cravings, changes in my body after performing any particular workout and even my thoughts. And that works. Once you can understand your body, you can win half of the battle. This is the step when you started to control your body shape according to you.

3. Diet Plan Against My Metabolism: I used to eat very less, still I was not able to reduce. Whereas my friends and other colleagues used to eat more than me and they still look slim. I was so confused about what to eat. I read so many articles about healthy food and started eating whatever natural. But actually, this is not how it works. In Ayurveda, we say “one man’s meat, maybe another man’s poison”. Not all healthy foods are for everyone. Our metabolism plays an important role in what we should eat and at what time. Though my Metabolism was normal, but I know many people who eat again and again still they feel hungry and fatigued all the time. That is because of an abnormality in your metabolism. Do understand your metabolism, note the time of your meal and gaps between 2 meals. If you feel hungry within 3 hours of your food intake your metabolism is not normal and you need a special diet. No healthy diet will work for you.  

4. Saturation Point For Weight Loss: We all know about this mistake very well. I was trying hard with my gym training, I reduced 4 Kgs in a few weeks but after that, I got some saturation point for my weight loss and it stopped reducing after that. I spend several months with the same workout program but my weight didn’t change even in grams. I was so disappointed and I started quitting the gym and I change my training program. I started doing calisthenics and I reduce 4 Kgs more in a few weeks but after that, I again got some saturation point and it stopped reducing again. Well, this is how our body works. For some people, weight loss is an easy task. But for people like me, We need to feed our bodies with something new after some time. This depends upon body type and I know many people face this issue. So, if you feel that your weight loss journey has stuck somewhere. Time to change your training program. Your body is getting bored with your current workout program :P

This is my weight loss transformation image
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5. Hardcore Workout Program: I used to lift heavy weights during my weight training, thought to lift heavy weights leads to quick weight loss. Completely wrong assumption. Lifting heavy weights, put unnecessary load on your body, provide fatigue to your muscles. Just lift 60% to 70% of your 1 Rep Max and give maximum repetitions. For weight loss journey this will work better in toning your body or muscles.6. Choice Of Food While Craving: Craves are common for all of us. I used to crave a lot during my complete journey. But these are the cravings because we fed our bodies like this for many years. And it is not supposed to change in just a few days. Yes, it will demand whatever you fed it till now. But you can control your body. Do some meditation, will build up some will power for you. Second, notice the type of food you crave like salt, pungent, sweet or sour. Choose some healthy options for that and mind the portion. Like if you crave some chocolate or sweet you can choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or some low fat, sugar-free natural ice cream.

These were my mistakes I did during my weight loss journey. And many of you might be facing some of these or all of these problems. Weight loss is not a big deal, staying fit and healthy is something which is challenging. So, follow all these solutions , set small targets, achieve small goals, understand your body type and metabolism completely and choose good and healthy options. And once you are able to lose weight completely, stuck to your healthy lifestyle and stay fit and healthy always.

Good Luck !

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